Do our spaces truly affect our psyche?

Have you ever thought that the space around you could literally make you live happier?  Have you ever wondered why we feel better about life when our homes are clean, they smell good, we are organized, etc?  Is there is a real connection between our Psyche and our surrounding spaces. In art therapy, color is often associated with a person’s emotions. Color may also influence a person’s mental or physical state.  Our spaces can inspire us!  These links have some very interesting facts about why and how this affects us; however, today I want to share some of my personal experiences I've had with clients!

Color Psychology: The Psychological Effects of Colors:

How Clutter Affects your Brain:

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You see, on the surface one might think that you would hire an Interior Designer just to make things pretty.  I am here to tell you after being in the industry for over 13 years I can promise you that is only surface deep!  I have many many stories about clients who have hired us to help put their lives back together!  Literally.  And truthfully, that's not what they knew they were doing, but when their projects were over they will testify that is what we did.  This is when work is so gratifying!  We all love it when we have the ability to help people, and when we can do that thru our talents at work it is the biggest blessing.  I am going to tell you of some of my favorite examples of this!

A sweet lady came to me about four years ago for help!  She was going thru a messy and painful divorce (I suppose they all are).  She was walking away with next to nothing by choice and she had a set amount of money she had saved to furnish her new home.  She cried at every single meeting.  But pretty soon our meetings became a symbol of her therapy.  She was seeing a professional therapist and he encouraged she do the ENTIRE house.  Leave nothing undone!  Because he also began to see this process being symbolic of her “putting the pieces back together” It was such a cool and gratifying experience.  She and I became so close!  Natalie was also very involved in this project and we love the days we were about to work with her.  Every shopping trip, every “find”, every laugh we shared help built her new beginning.  I truly get so attached to my clients especially when it’s a transformation that is this deep.  I will forever be thankful for being a part of her project because she taught me how powerful our help and talent can be!  We still stay in close touch.  She is a special lady (with a beautiful home might I add : ) and I am thankful for her to this day!

The next is totally opposite because this is about a couple who is very happily married with two beautiful children.  They run a successful company and have the sweetest life.  Like many of us their sweet life hadn’t included taking the effort to furnish their beautiful home.  So they decided to start in their master bedroom.  Aesthetics weren’t that important to them; however, they knew it could be better.  So we spent some time getting a vision and after pulling all of that together we found an emotional tear filled wife!  Her husband says she is not a crier!  Didn’t even cry at the birth of their children.  Obviously this perplexed me, but after chatting further their undone bedroom was a symbol to her of his ex wife.  The bed they slept on for ten years, unbeknownst to him, was “their” bed.  The bedding meant nothing, no window coverings, it was dark and just a place to sleep.  Nothing more.  Now I don’t think she even realized any of this until it transformed.  This was a special thing to watch.  They, as a strong couple, now had “their” space!

These are only two of my favorite examples!  But I’ll leave you with the question: where are you happiest?  Is it your grandma’s kitchen, your baby’s nursery, is it your best friends living room?  What spaces make you feel comfortable and at home.  Ever ask yourself why?  What colors are in them?  Is it the memories or the surroundings or both that affect you?  I’d love to hear from you!  Spaces don’t have to be “fancy” they have to comfortable!  They have to function!  They have to work for YOU!  They should mean something to you!  I hope you’re enjoying your space!  Call us for help if you’re not!