Shelf Styling Like a Pro

Whether freestanding, built-in, or floating, shelves can add a lot of dimension and visual interest to a space.  They are the perfect place to showcase you and your family’s passions, interests, and hobbies!  The hard part is knowing how to pull all of the accessories together to create an aesthetically pleasing result with just the right amount of items.  Here are a few quick tips to have you styling shelves like a pro in no time!

 #1 Don’t Forget the Back of the Bookcase

You can create a definite “wow” factor by giving this area of the bookcase a little bit of attention! Whether you paint the back a different color for extra depth, install a patterned wallpaper for added movement, or incorporate a different material such as reclaimed wood for extra texture, the result is well worth the little bit of extra work. Items will really “pop” against the new backdrop! Also, don’t forget to utilize the back of the bookcase to hang a picture or even an object.

#2 Vary the Heights of Objects

As part of the layering process and to keep the eye moving, vary the heights of the objects on your shelves.  If your shelves are adjustable, leave a few out here and there to allow for a few taller items.  Display the smaller accessories towards the front and graduate to larger and taller items behind.  Decorative books are a great way to help achieve varying heights!

#3 Books are Beautiful Too

Whether they are displayed vertically or horizontally, books alone on a shelf can be beautiful! They add variety when mixed among shelves of accessories.  Depending on the books you use, this can also be a great way to add subtle hints of color and pattern.

#4 Equally Disperse Texture & Color

To create overall balance, make sure you disperse color and texture evenly.  Texture can be added with floral or succulent arrangements placed on the shelves or with three-dimensional objects attached to the back of the bookcase.

#5 Use ALL Areas of the Bookcase

The shelf space and the back of the bookcase have been mentioned BUT you can even hang art on the face frame! This creates another layer, giving the overall bookcase even more depth than before.

Creating a well-styled bookcase can be tricky, but with a little patience YOU can achieve a beautiful display! If you still feel like you have no idea where to begin, we would love to help you!  Read more on our Design Services and Contact Us for details! Happy Styling!